A scientific and practical conference with international participation was held


On October 28, 2022, the 5th jubilee scientific and practical conference with international participation “Public health in Ukraine: problems and ways to solve them” was held in memory of  M.H. Gurevich (1891–1937), the founder and head of the first Department of Social Hygiene at the Kharkiv Medical Institute in Ukraine.

The event was held online. The conference was attended by practical health care specialists and scientific and pedagogical workers of Ukraine, Kyiv, Italy, Latvia and Nigeria.

The participants of the conference were welcomed by the vice-rector for scientific work Valery Myasoyedov and the head of the specialized defense council for the specialties “Hygiene and occupational pathology” and “Social medicine”, the director of the Institute of Education Quality Ihor Zavhorodniy.

In total, more than 150 participants of the scientific event are registered. During the conference, topical issues of public health were highlighted: the spread of socially significant diseases, the organization of providing medical assistance to certain contingents of the population, methods of preventing the development of non-infectious pathologies, etc. The reports also touched on important issues of today, namely, medical support of military personnel, the consequences of military aggression for society and ecology.

Participants from different regions of Ukraine took an active part in the work of the conference both as speakers and with the publication of abstracts of reports issued as a result of the work of the scientific event.

As a result of the conference, a resolution was adopted, which determined the relevance and necessity of holding events of this format and level even in modern conditions in Ukraine. The participants emphasized the further strengthening of scientific cooperation between participants in practical health care, scientists and international institutions, the purpose of which is the field of public health.