Project activity in KhNMU

One of the priority areas in the field of international activities of Kharkiv National Medical University is project activities. International project activity is a tool for identification and recognition of the University in the domestic, European and world educational space, provides new opportunities in the field of international cooperation, mobility, exchange of experience and cooperation with other government agencies, foundations, etc. and universities in other countries; is useful as a means of activating the educational and cognitive activities of students, mastering new technologies, creative application of knowledge in an unfamiliar situation, improving the professional and pedagogical activities of teachers; expanding the areas of research and exchange of experience for both young and experienced scientists; creates prospects for access to high-quality education at the international level by exchanging students to implement the principle of “education without borders”, including the use of innovative technologies, and also serves as a basis for developing the institutional capacity of the University.

Kharkiv National Medical University is an active participant in this international process. Currently, the university is the executor of more than 25 international projects.