University in the international area
Look beyond - be International

International cooperation is one of the priority activities of Kharkiv National Medical University, which is implemented within the framework of a single process of integration of higher education in Ukraine into the world system of higher education.

Kharkiv National Medical University cooperates with more than 85 partner institutions and organizations abroad. The University is actively involved in global cooperation with international associations, in particular with the International Association of Universities of the World (IAU) and the Organization for PhD Education in Biomedicine and Clinical Medicine in the European Region (ORPHEUS).

KhNMU offers its students, research and teaching staff a wide range of academic mobility programs, double degree programs, provides opportunities for research projects to acquire new knowledge and professional skills, gain experience working abroad, personal acquaintance with foreign educational process and teaching methods.

In order to improve the quality of higher education, increase competitiveness in the domestic and international educational space, strengthen the international image in research and academic activities at the University, the Internationalization Strategy of Kharkiv National Medical University 2019/2025 was developed.