Participation in academic mobility programs

The modern world opens up great opportunities for students, research and teaching staff.

One of the most popular ways to realize your potential, gain new experience, get acquainted with the education system of another country, immerse yourself in the international world of students is to participate in academic mobility programs.

Academic mobility is the transfer of students and research and teaching staff of higher education institutions for a certain period of time to another educational, scientific or clinical institution within or outside their country for the purpose of teaching or learning.

Kharkiv National Medical University offers a large number of programs: summer schools, internships, trainings and teaching in more than 20 partner institutions around the world, thematic internships, as well as lectures and courses in non-formal and informal education. Our students have the opportunity to do an internship or study in partner medical institutions in Germany, Italy, Poland, Japan, Iran, Great Britain and other countries, where they thoroughly study selected disciplines of their choice. Important is the fact that the period of academic mobility is considered by the University as training and all grades obtained in the partner institution are transferred into students’ records.

Academic mobility programs are a great opportunity to step out of your comfort zone, try your hand, present yourself and your Alma Mater at another university, both domestic and foreign, gain unique experience, gain new knowledge, acquire professional skills, improve your language skills, get acquainted with the foreign educational process and teaching methods, as well as with the traditions and culture of the host country, meet new friends and spend time fun, interesting and useful.

To successfully pass the competition for participation in the academic mobility program you need:

  • high academic performance
  • knowledge of a foreign language
  • active participation in scientific activities (publications, conferences, etc.)

Follow the main page of the official website of the University, social networks, announcements on the stands of Deans, because all announcements about competitions with conditions and deadlines are placed there.

Details of participation in academic mobility programs can be found in the Regulations on the Procedure for Exercising the Right to Academic Mobility at Kharkiv National Medical University.

If you are studying abroad and wish to take part in the academic mobility programs of Kharkiv National Medical University, you need:

  • the Agreement between your institution and Kharkiv National Medical University
  • high ratings
  • motivation
  • scientific achievements
  • knowing English (Ukrainian) at a sufficient level
  • vaccination passport

In case you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Daria Shliakhova our Students’ Mobility Coordinator,