An international scientific and practical conference was held


On June 10, 2023, the International Scientific and Practical Conference “Emotional Intelligence in Wartime and Postwar Times” was held online, organized by the Department of Philosophy of Kharkiv National Medical University with the support of the Center History of Women Philosophers and Scientists of Paderborn University (Germany).

Representatives of many institutions of higher education in Ukraine volunteered to take part in the conference. These are Zaporizhia Medical University, Cherkasy State Technological University, and Poltava National Pedagogical University named after V.G. Korolenko and others. Foreign scientists from Germany, Italy, Lithuania, and Finland also supported the theme of the conference.

On behalf of the rector of the KhNMU, the participants of the conference were greeted by the Vice-rector for Scientific and Pedagogical Work, Prof. Letik Ivan Vasyliovych. He emphasized the relevance of the goals and objectives of the conference, which consist in combining the efforts of scientists and public representatives in understanding the essence of Russia’s unprovoked war against Ukraine and finding means of intellectual opposition to the imperial ambitions of our aggressive neighbor. The discussions were interdisciplinary in nature. The purely philosophical aspects of emotional intelligence, as well as modern psychological, sociological, and literary discourses regarding the features of emotional intelligence in war and post-war times, were deeply and comprehensively discussed. Among them are such important topics as “Emotional burnout and volunteering during war”, “Evil, Good, Other and war”, “Emotional intelligence in the context of modern civilizational challenges”, “Emotional intelligence of the individual in conditions of war”, “War as what destroys emotional intelligence.”

Gender and feminist issues were not left without attention either. The reports “Gender Differentiation of emotional intelligence in the post-war Period: the influence of military experience on the restoration of the social environment”, and “Ukrainian Scientists in the Field of social sciences and Humanities in the Context of the Russian-Ukrainian War and forced migration” were heard.

The Italian writer, literary critic, and grassroots activist Pina Piccolo, relying on the poetic explorations of Ukrainian writers and poetesses, expressed concern about the low threshold of emotional perception by Europeans of the threat resulting from the frank manipulation of historical and territorial, worldview, and psychological facts by the Russian ideological machine.

The organizers of the conference are grateful to Ms. Piccolo for supporting not only our conference, but also Ukraine as an independent country that opposes the neocolonialist imperial attempts of the aggressor.