Event for World Immunity Day


On March 2, 2024, on Saturday, on the initiative of the public education and volunteering sector of the Student Government of KhNMU, with the support of the Department of Microbiology, Virology and Immunology named after Professor D.P. Grynyov, an offline event dedicated to World Immunity Day was held.

The purpose of this day is to attract wide public attention to the problems related to the prevalence of various immune diseases, as well as to the preservation and strengthening of immunity in general.

The held event consisted of five parts, each of which was very memorable and liked by listeners, and almost 50 winners of the higher world joined the event!

At the beginning of the event, students were awaited by 4 interesting and useful reports on immunity. First of all, the listeners were introduced to the immunological research of the founder of the Department of Microbiology, Virology and Immunology – Damian Petrovych Grynyov. After that, the audience was treated to a report on allergic reactions, which is a very important aspect for a full understanding of the topic of immunity. At the end of the theoretical part, such important topics as “Immunity and organ transplantation” and “Age-specific features of the immune system” were raised.

The next stage of the event was the practical part, which the listeners were very much looking forward to. The teachers of the Department of Microbiology were happy to conduct a master class on the main serological reactions, explaining all the details and providing answers to all the students’ questions. After that, under the guidance of teachers, each of the students had the opportunity to practice performing serological reactions independently.

During the next part of the event, the head of the Department of Microbiology, together with the students who spoke at the beginning, gave all the guests a tour of the department, demonstrating the equipment, interesting exhibits of the department, the office of D.P. Grynyov, where listeners had the opportunity to learn more interesting information about the professor.

The fourth stage was conducting an interactive thematic game related to the key words of the KROC test from the immunology section. Students had to guess a certain immunological concept with the help of leading questions and hints from their colleagues in the audience. This stage caused a lot of smiles and good emotions from every participant of the event.

Finally, in order to consolidate the acquired knowledge, a quiz was held with questions from the theoretical part of the event. Three winners were chosen, who received gifts from the Student Government of the KhNMU.

The participants of the event wrote many words of thanks to the organizers for the opportunity to see the extremely interesting Department of Microbiology with their own eyes, practice practical skills and meet together in the same audience.