A lecture by Professor François Pons was held


Cooperation with French military surgeons, which is carried out by employees of the Department of Surgery No. 4 and the Department of Disaster Medicine and of military medicine of KhNMU has reached a new level and continues expanding.

On the 20th of June an open lecture was held by the famous French military surgeon, professor, colonel Francois Pons, who for a long time was the rector of the Military Medical Academy Val-de-Grâce in Paris, with the assistance of the KhNMU management, with the personal participation of the acting head of the department of international relations and grant work office of KhNMU Oksana Vasylieva.

The lecture was devoted to the current topic of modern military surgery – the use of “damage control” in injury surgery. Those present at the lecture were students, intern doctors, department employees of surgery No.4 and the department of disaster medicine and military medicine of the KhNMU.

In the lecture, Professor Francois Pons revealed the issue of the sorting of the injured during mass arrivals, the main principles of using damage control in abdominal, thoracic, vascular and skeletal trauma. He shared his own experience of treating injured. Special attention was attracted by the professor’s demonstration of clinical cases, demonstrating these cases, François Pons suggested to the listeners determine on their own the tactics of treatment, choose the scope and term of surgical intervention that interested those present and caused an active discussion.

The experience provided by Professor Francois Pons was useful to those present from a theoretical and practical point of view. Cooperation with the French military surgeons continues.