A visit to the Department of Human Anatomy of the KhNMU


On September 13, group M-12 of the KZOZ “Kupyan Medical College named after Maria Shkarletova” paid a friendly visit to the Department of Human Anatomy of the Kharkiv National Medical University.

“We were impressed by the unique combination of history and modernity!

Future nurses got to know the Kharkiv anatomical school, which has always been one of the strongest! After all, more than one generation of doctors learned from the “Atlas of Human Anatomy” by V.P. Vorobyov and R.D. Sinelnikov!

Of course, we visited the lecture hall-amphitheater with historical architectural features and took a picture against the background of the fresco-panel “Leonardo da Vinci behind the corpse”, which was created back in 1918 by the famous Kharkiv artist Oleksandr Lyubimov, a student of I.I. Repin.

The number of ordinary wet and corrosive anatomical preparations is impressive, and next to it – the most modern world of technologies!

This is also a virtual reality class, where a skeleton “walked” right next to us, which can rotate, increase in size, have muscle and other systems at the same time or separately! Very interesting, exciting and educational!!!

Classrooms, interactive whiteboards, scientific laboratories, educational and scientific center of practical morphology allow for in-depth study of any anatomical structures.

Laboratory of simulation technologies, laboratory of artificial organs and systems, laboratory for working with cadaver material – here we will share photos from our practical training. Also we were excited of The Memorial Anatomical Museum of Acad. V.P. Vorobyov.

We express our gratitude to the associate professor of the department, Roman  Suhonosov, for organizing the “practical class” at the Department of Human Anatomy of the Kharkiv National Medical University.

I think such a practical lesson will be remembered by our students.”

Natalia Lutsenko, the teacher of the discipline “Human Anatomy and Physiology”