A conference on human problems was held


On June 7, the international Scientific and Practical online conference “The Human Problem in War and post-war Times: philosophical and Medical Discourses. To the 100th anniversary of the birth of Prof. V.V. Bobbin” was held.  The conference’s organizer is the Department of Philosophy and Social Sciences of the KhNMU. The vice-rector for scientific work, Professor Valery Myasoyedov, opened the conference. He emphasized the relevance of the conference’s topic and its importance as a scientific event that unites the research efforts of specialists from different countries, cities of Ukraine, and scientists of different age categories. With interest, the conference participants watched the video dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the birth of Professor Volodymyr Bobin, which was prepared by the director of the Scientific Library of KhNMU, Iryna Kyrychok.

The reports on traditions and memory in the medical space of Kharkiv were moving and hopeful. First of all, these are the memories of grateful students and relatives of Professor Volodymyr Bobin: Vice-Rector for Scientific and Educational Work, Professor Ivan Letik; Head of the Department of Endocrinology and Children’s Endocrinology of KhNMU, Professor Yuriy Karachentsev: Professor of the Department of Forensic Medicine, Medical Jurisprudence named after adv. Prof. M. S. Bokarius Vasyl Olhovskiy, head of the Department of Internal Medicine No. 2, Clinical Immunology and Allergology, named after Academician L. T. Malaya, Professor Pavlo Kravchun: daughter of the jubilee, doctor-therapist of the highest qualification category Iryna Bobina; grandson of Professor Volodymyr Bobin, Doctor of Medicine, Deputy Head of Psychiatric Care at the Bnei-Zion Medical Center (Haifa, Israel) Herman Andreev.

The scientists speaking at the conference raised the issue of deepening and greater public recognition of prominent Kharkiv residents who devoted their lives to the development of the medical field of our city.

The conference topic attracted the interest of foreign specialists from Germany, Great Britain, the USA, Italy, Israel, Switzerland, etc. German colleagues expressed special attention and support. Colleagues from universities in more than 10 cities of Ukraine devoted their reports to the problem of man in the conditions of wartime and postwar times.

It is pleasant that the students showed activity and interest in discussing the problems raised in the conference topic. English-speaking foreign students and post-graduate students also gave speeches.

At the end of the event, the Conference Resolution was published, in which its achievements were assessed and prospects were determined.