About us

The Department for Admission of Foreign Citizens, Passport and Visa Service of Kharkiv National Medical University is an organization unit, which is subordinate to the Rector and First Vice-Rector for Research and Education.

The Department is guided in its work by the Constitution and laws of Ukraine, regulations of the Verkhovna Rada (Supreme Council of Ukraine), decrees and orders of the President of Ukraine, decrees, regulations and orders of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, statutory-legal acts of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of Ukraine, the Statutes of the University, orders of the Rector, decisions of the Academic Council, Regulations of the Department and other statutory-legal acts currently in force.

4 Nauki Avenue, Kharkiv, 61022, Ukraine, main building, 4 floor, room 75
Morozov Oleksandr Volodymyrovych
Tel.: +38 057 707 72 58 ov.morozov@knmu.edu.ua

The staff of the Department consists of 2 senior specialists (Room 70, 75), 2 marketing engineers (Room 75), 6 passport registration officers.

The Department was set up for the purpose of organizational, technical, information and methodological support of international activities of the University in such aspects as attraction of foreign citizens to study at KhNMU, an increase in the quality of organization and training of specialists for foreign countries, improvements of the educational process, passport and visa service in the sphere of control over keeping of the order of staying of foreign citizens on the territory of Ukraine.

The main functions of the Department are as follows:

– Search for foreign partners, forms and basis for international cooperation in aspects of admission of foreign citizens for training.

– Cooperation with state authorities, public organizations and private persons in aspects, which concern arrival, staying and training of foreign citizens.

– Study of the foreign market of educational services in order to develop the system of training of specialists for foreign countries on compensatory principles.

– Work for admission of foreign citizens for training in compliance with agreements between the University, foreign and Ukrainian business entities, as well as individual foreign citizens.

– Control over execution of terms and conditions of agreements between the University and foreign and Ukrainian business entities, as well as individual foreign citizens in aspects of admission and training of foreign citizens (together with the Accounting and Financial Planning Departments).

– Arrangement, registration and issue of invitations for training to foreign citizens. Cooperation with the Ukrainian Centre for International Education in aspects of visa support to foreign citizens for their moving into Ukraine in order to study at KhNMU, as well as for their stay in Ukraine during the period of training. Cooperation with the Centre of International Programmes of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

– Creation and maintenance of an information data base of foreign students and business entities; its continuous replenishment and updating.

– Preparation of documents of foreign graduates for their legalization at the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of Ukraine, as well as at embassies and consulates of foreign countries in Ukraine.

– Maintenance of contacts with foreign graduates of the University in different years within the framework of the International Public Organization “International Association of Higher School Graduates of Ukraine”

– Participation in working out promotional products for foreign citizens in order to attract them for studying at KhNMU.