A webinar for primary care physicians was held


Employees of the Department of Internal Medicine №3 and Endocrinology joined the training and information event aimed at raising awareness of the peculiarities of the course and treatment of patients with endocrine pathology in the pandemic COVID-19.

The webinar for Primary Care Physicians was organized by the Department of Health of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration.

Professor, MD Zhuravlyova Larysa gave a lecture “Pandemic during the pandemic: diabetes and COVID-19”, Associate Professor, Ph.D. Moiseenko Tetyana reported on the topic “Adrenal glands and COVID-19”, and Associate Professor of the department, Ph.D. Elhaj Olena reported on “Diagnosis and management of patients with thyroid disease in COVID-19”.

Thanks to organizers and participants of the webinar for the opportunity to take part in this event!