September 21 - International Day of Peace


February 24… This day changed the lives of millions of people of Ukraine. A peaceful nation stood up for its country. Defenders successfully repel enemy attacks on the battlefield, medical and pharmaceutical workers save the lives of Ukrainians both at the front and in the rear, and educators preserve and adapt the educational process in the difficult conditions of martial law, participate in thematic events, promoting PEACE in their educational institutions . After all, now Ukraine’s primary goal is peace in the country.

In order to form a deep understanding of issues related to peace, to expand the knowledge of higher education students about the importance of peace on earth, to educate future doctors in humanism, patriotism, and respect for people of different nationalities, a number of educational courses were held at the Department of Ukrainian Language, Basics of Psychology and Pedagogy events under the slogan “End racism. Building peace”, as this is the motto of this year’s International Day of Peace 2022 under the auspices of the United Nations:

– writing an essay on the topic: “Colors of peace”;

– challenge under the hashtag #peaceday;

– creative competition “Birds of Peace”.

The war changed human values to the simplest, but such important things: to be close to relatives and to be thankful for every sunny day. With Ukraine in my heart. Peace to Ukraine.


The International Day of Peace has been celebrated around the world since 1981 on the initiative of the UN General Assembly as a day of global rejection of violence and fire.

Until 2001, this day was celebrated every third Tuesday of September, on the opening day of the regular UN session. However, in the resolution of September 7, 2001, the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution according to which, since 2002, the celebration of the “International Day of Peace” should take place every year on the same date – September 21. On this day, the UN calls on all countries to stop hostilities and stop shedding blood for at least 24 hours. Only peaceful negotiations and solving existing problems through dialogue and compromise solutions can give really tangible results and benefits for all of humanity.

In Ukraine, the Day of Peace is established by Presidential Decree No. 100/2002 of 02/05/2002 “Day of Peace” and is celebrated annually on September 21 – the International Day of  Peace.