Rector's address to students about the beginning of the new academic year


Dear students!

The full-scale invasion of the russian federation on the territory of Ukraine significantly changed our whole life. The sphere of higher education was no exception. However, despite all the trials that befell the people of Kharkiv and the entire Ukrainian people, our medical school – Kharkiv National Medical University continues to train worthy specialists for the health care of both the region and the entire country.

Soon the new 2022-2023 year of study will begin, which will take place at an extremely important time for our country – the struggle for independence, freedom and the right to one’s own European choice.

Today, our students have become real defenders of the Motherland, each on their own battlefield: some are in Kharkiv hospitals, working side by side with teachers and doctors, providing medical aid to both the military and the civilian population, some are in the subway and other shelters, supporting Kharkiv during constant shelling and bombing, some are in numerous volunteer units, and some are on the front lines. We are proud of each of you! But we remember that the main task of studentship is the mastery of medical education and successful preparation for the future professional activity of a doctor.

The University is actively preparing for the new academic year. Thus, the autonomous operation of the information and communication system of the university has been ensured, the distance learning system has been updated and improved, new opportunities are being sought for practical training in safe conditions for all participants of the educational process.

Dear students, we inform you that the new academic year will begin on September 1, 2022 remotely in synchronous mode with the maximum adaptation of the educational material to the realities of today with a further gradual transition to a mixed learning format.

From August 22, 2022, all Departments of the University will begin their work on ensuring the process of liquidation of academic debt and providing advisory assistance regarding the study material of the previous semester for applicants who, for objective reasons, could not complete the study plan in full in a timely manner.

Today, only with joint efforts we will be able to overcome all the challenges before us and preserve the glorious history of our alma mater.

Kharkiv National Medical University welcomes all students of our large multinational family with an open heart to continue their studies, and will also be happy to welcome all first-year students!

With respect and faith in our victory,
Valeriy Kapustnyk
Rector of Kharkiv National Medical University