Internship of KhNMU employees in Warsaw


From May 20 to 24, 2024, 5 scientific and pedagogical workers of KhNMU underwent an internship at the Warsaw University of Medicine (WUM) within the Staff Practical Training Erasmus+ program. As part of the existing cooperation between universities in the field of pathophysiology, associate professors of the Department of General and Clinical Pathological Physiology named after D.O. Alpern Victoria Bibichenko and Hanna Sakal have passed internship.

In order to expand cooperation between KhNMU and WUM, the internship was attended by the acting head of the department of international relations and grant work, Oksana Vasylieva, acting head of the department of hygiene and ecology No. 2 Tetyana Merkulova, and head of the department of physical education and health, Olga Lenska. In accordance with the internship program, they visited the simulation training center of WUM, where they met with the director of the simulation center, Martin Kaszor, who spoke about the main areas of work and prospects for the development of the center, shared the features of the internal interstructural coordination of students’ educational activities with the involvement of simulation training. KhNMU employees familiarized themselves with the settings, equipment, and implementation algorithm for conducting simulation training in the educational components of gynecology, pediatrics, therapy, emergency conditions; visited the premises for conducting OSCE, as well as a simulation hall for practicing the skills of providing assistance to patients in an ambulance. In addition, our professors had the opportunity to attend real simulation trainings for students of the final year, familiarized themselves with the methodology of organizing classes, their structure, features of technical support and tutoring in Polish higher education institutions.

The management of WUM was very impressed by the resilience of the spirit and will to victory of the Kharkiv scientific and pedagogical workers, so they offered to contact the relevant ministries of Poland and Ukraine with the purpose of organization of free training, on the territory of WUM, for Kharkiv medics and paramedics on the medical evacuation of victims of zonal mass impact. Professor Robert Galonzovsky, head of the department of emergency medical care at WUM and head of the Mobile Medical Safety Group of the Polish Medical Air Rescue Service during the acquaintance of the delegation of the KhNMU with the work of the rescue teams of the Lotnicze Pogotowie Rarunkowe (Air Emergency Service) helicopter base, estimated that as Kharkiv is close to the aggressor country, it requires a quick response of military medics to the daily shelling of the city and prompt provision of emergency aid to the victims. In Poland, helicopter emergency teams provide more than 11,000 sorties per year, 90% of which are provided by emergency medical services teams, which include a pilot, a doctor, a nurse and an aidman. Such team is able to start providing primary medical care at the pre-hospital stage to patients from the moment of arrival, as well as quickly deliver them to the nearest hospital during the so-called “golden hour”, which would be very appropriate to do in Ukraine after the victory over the russian aggressor and the normalization of air connections between Kharkiv and other regional centers.

Also, during the internship Vasylieva Oksana and Lenska Olga visited the Rehabilitation Center and Department of Physiotherapy of the University Clinic of WUM, where they discussed the prospects of further cooperation between the Center and the University Clinic of KhNMU at a meeting with the head of the center, Professor Witold Rongies.

On the last day of the visit to the WUM, the representatives of KhNMU took part in the conference “University Quality Culture Day” and received certificates of internship.