KhNMU representatives were selected in ETC


Representatives of the GO Student Government of KhNMU – instructors of the Educational and Training Center of Tactical Medicine of KhNMU were selected for the international specialized training course – European Trauma Course, which will provide an opportunity to further spread this knowledge to the KhNMU community and beyond!

The Ministry of Health of Ukraine in cooperation with the World the health care organization is implementing the European Trauma course in Ukraine Course (hereinafter ETC). ETC is a specialized training based on security institutions of health, who regularly participate in the provision of emergency medical care trauma patients.

The main goal of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine is to increase number of internationally certified instructors. After passing ETC and instructor courses, there will be an opportunity to become a certified trainer European Trauma Course.

The following students were selected for the course:

  • Kateryna Topoliuk (I medical faculty)
  • Matuzok Anna (II medical faculty)
  • Mykhailo Serik (II medical faculty)

The course is planned to be held on the basis of the Ternopil National Medical School University named after I. Ya. Gorbachevskii.

We wish success to our students of higher education and successful completion of the course in order to expand the opportunities of the ETC of KhNMU!