KhNMU students have talked about the war!


The war with the Russian invaders has been going on in Ukraine for the second month. It is conducted on the battlefield and in the InfoSpace. Ukrainians have been using every opportunity to convey the terrible truth to people in different parts of the world.

Let us introduce the student of Kharkiv National Medical University. His name is Yevhen Ishchuk had lived with his family in Vietnam for many years and developed his own YouTube channel, where he had talked about everyday life in this country. However, Eugene has returned to Kyiv these days and he has currently been using his video channel to tell what going on in Ukraine is and what atrocities being perpetrated by Russian troops on the territory of Ukraine are. As he said, in Vietnam, many people have supported the Ukrainian people in their struggle for liberation from the “Russian world” and, of course, had wanted much more real-world information.

The next student of the KhNMU of Vietnamese descent is Din Lin Fiong Ihorivna who took part in this program and gave an interview to the channel, where she spoke about her life in Kharkiv, as a volunteer working during the war. She also said that it had given her strength and faith in our win.

We are living and working with faith in our victory! Glory to Ukraine!