Access to the AMBOSS platform for KhNMU representatives


As part of the “Ukraine digital – Clinical reasoning in medical education” project, with the support of the Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst (DAAD), associate professors of the Department of Internal Medicine No. 3 and Endocrinology Volodymyr  Fedorov and Maria Oliinyk held negotiations to obtain free access for employees and students of our university to AMBOSS platform.

AMBOSS is a platform that has fundamentally changed the way medical knowledge is obtained and used during the provision of medical care. Students use the interactive library and question bank for general study and exam preparation (including the USMLE), while clinicians rely on AMBOSS to make effective clinical decisions based on evidence-based medicine. Today, more than 95% of German medical students use AMBOSS as their main exam resource. More than two million healthcare professionals in approximately 170 countries use this product as a clinical companion, exam preparation tool, and comprehensive study guide.

Access to the platform can be obtained via the link, then Create an account, enter your corporate address and create a password. Free access to the platform is provided until the end of 2023. AMBOSS also has a handy phone app.

In addition, we remind you that students of our university have free access to the CASUS virtual patient platform. To register on the platform, follow the link. Registration only with your corporate e-mail.

The CASUS platform presents a collection of clinical cases of real patients, prepared by teachers with conclusions and treatments. During case-based learning, students are encouraged to document relevant findings, formulate a differential diagnosis, select necessary examinations, and make decisions about treatment options in a structured manner. Each clinical case contains from 5 to 25 screen cards. Each card is a variable combination of text elements with hyperlinks, multimedia material, expert commentary for additional information, and, most importantly, interactive elements such as different types of questions with immediate assessment of student answers and detailed commentary on the answer.

We hope that these resources will be useful to all members of the KhNMU community.