Congratulations to the graduates from the rector of KhNMU


Dear graduates!

With great pleasure and deep respect, I congratulate you on embarking on a new stage of your life. This moment is special and unforgettable as you not only complete your education but have also endured trials that few could have imagined – the era of COVID and a full-scale military invasion.

Your years of study have undoubtedly been challenging and filled with obstacles. You have faced new realities, stress, and anxiety that accompanied you during these difficult times, having to adapt to remote learning. However, your courage, strength, and determination have helped you overcome all challenges. Your efforts, knowledge, and professionalism will play a crucial role in improving the lives of others, especially in these trying times we are experiencing.

Your contributions to our university include diligent learning, fruitful student research, active participation in cultural and sports activities, student self-government, volunteer work, and countless deeds that have added to the treasure trove of achievements of our university in its 219 years of existence.

The university has produced thousands of doctors and scientists who have made significant contributions to the development of medical science, medical education, and the establishment of scientific schools. Therefore, you must undoubtedly join those who will glorify our history in the future. I am confident that each graduate of the university has received a high level of expertise and fundamental knowledge that will be the key to success in demanding and responsible work.

Today, as you become graduates, I would like to express my profound gratitude to you for your resilience, self-sacrifice, and dedication. May your achievements be a constant source of pride for you, your families, and your university, and may your professional careers be marked by success. You stand at the threshold of new opportunities and challenges, and I am confident that you will bring much goodness and improvement to the world.

Congratulations once again, and I wish you success in all your future endeavors. Glory to Ukraine!