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The Department of Therapeutic Dentistry of Kharkiv National Medical University was founded in 1921 together with the opening of the Odontology Faculty of the KhMI.

The educational activity of the department consists in teaching the following disciplines: “Propaedeutics of therapeutic dentistry”, “Therapeutic dentistry”, “Fundamentals of aesthetic restoration of teeth”. Teaching of the above disciplines is conducted in Ukrainian and English. The department also trains clinical residents and graduate students.

The scientific direction of the department includes improvement and development of new methods of diagnosis, prevention and treatment of patients with pathology of the hard tissues of the teeth, periodontium and oral mucosa; development, laboratory and clinical testing of new domestic filling materials, oral hygiene products, dosage forms and drugs; surgical methods of treatment in the clinic of therapeutic dentistry; structure, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases of the temporomandibular joint; historical development of odontology (dentistry) in Ukraine; dependence of oral homeostasis on various factors and methods of its correction.

The department participates in international cooperation. The clinical base of the department is the University Dental Center of KhNMU.

Peremohy Ave., 51, University Dental Center of KhNMU, 2nd floor left wing, 3rd floor left and right wing, Kharkiv
Head of department
Ryabokon Yevhen Mykolayovych
Doctor of Medical Science, Professor
Responsible persons
Andrieieva Olena Viktorivna
responsible for educational and methodological work, PhD, Associate Professor
Steblianko Liudmyla Viktorivna
responsible for the medical work, assistant
Garmash Olga Volodymyrivna
responsible for the scientific work, Doctor of Medical Science, Professor
Staff of the department
Baglyk Tetyana Viktorivna
PhD, Associate Professor
Voropaieva Liudmila Vasylivna
PhD, Associate Professor
Zhdanova Natalia Оleksiіvna
PhD, Associate Professor
Volkova Olha Sergiyivna
PhD, Associate Professor
Povrozina Olena Viktorivna
PhD, Associate Professor
Cherepinska Yuliya Anatoliyivna
PhD, Associate Professor
Burtsev Bogdan Gennadievich
Burtseva Olena Mykolayivna
Goenko Olena Mykolayivna
Gorbatovska Natalia Viktorivna
Gurieva Tetyana Yevhenivna
Maksymova Anastasia Yuriyivna
Kostyuk Natalia Gaevna
Krylova Olga Volodymyrivna
PhD, assistant
krylova.olga.volodymyrivna@ gmail.com
Yeliseyeva Olga Volodymyrivna
PhD, assistant
Kashaba Marina Anatoliyivna
PhD, assistant
Kanunik Tatiana
Krychko Alla Ivanivna
Solovey Victoria Olexandrivna

The Department was established in 1921 along with the establishment of the Faculty of Odontology at the Kharkiv Medical Institute (KhMI). Initially, the Department was called the Department of Conservative Dentistry, later the Department of Conservative Dentistry with Propaedeutic Odontology. Professor Ehei Nakhmenovich (Yefim, Yukhim Mikhailovich) Gofung was the founder and first head of the Department.
The first staff members: dentist Gofung E.N,, head of the department; dentist Schwartzer E.B., senior assistant; dentists Pokrovska V. A., Volshonok S. S., Sokolovsky M. V. and Levina F. I., ragistrars; laboratory assistant Rabinovich V. I. ; dentist Vilkomirskaya A. L., administrative manager; Dubrovin I. F., Shevchenko T. M.
After the reorganization, the Faculty of Dentistry was restored at KhMI (1978). In December 1979, the Department of Therapeutic Dentistry resumed its activities. From 1979 to 2004 the department was headed by Professor Halyna Fedorivna Katurova. The teaching staff created the educational, scientific and medical base of the department.

The Department of Therapeutic Dentistry trains students in educational and professional programs of the second master’s level: “Dentistry”, “Medicine”, “Pediatrics” and studies the educational components (disciplines): “Propaedeutics of therapeutic dentistry”, “Practice (nursing practice in dentistry)», “Therapeutic dentistry”, “Medical practice”, “Dental practice”, “Fundamentals of aesthetic teeth restoration”, “Preparation for the Unified state qualifying exam in the specialty 221” Dentistry “,” Fundamentals of dentistry “.

Research interests of the department

Improvement and development of new methods of diagnosis, prevention and treatment of patients with pathology of the hard tissues of the teeth, periodontium and oral mucosa; formation of dental disorders in persons with a history of perinatal pathology and their prevention and treatment; application of laser technologies in the treatment of dental pathology; mathematical modulation in dentistry; conductometric method of research for differentiated choice of means of prevention of demineralization of tooth enamel; historical development of odontology (dentistry) in Ukraine.

Сlinical-diagnostic and consultative work of the department is held at the University Dental Center (UDC) and at Kharkiv City Council #2 Municinal Dental Clinic, the departmental clinical centre. The total office surface area where the department operates is 836.4 m2 (11 classrooms, 14 clinical offices).
The staff of the department with the involvement of applicants for higher education provide medical dental care to the population. Practical training allows the applicant of higher education to form exactly those competencies, which he or she cannot aquire theoretically and on phantoms. The practical training of students is realized through the acquisition of practical skills in practical classes, in particular, in working with phantoms and conducting on-the-job training. The phantom classrooms and clinical classes are equipped with special logistics: Chiradenta and CQ-215, 19 dental units altogether; the universal dental blocks for gaining experience in manual skills, 10 units; block of the dentist “SATVA BUS”, 32 pieces; endomotors with X SMART handpieces, 5 pcs .; photopolymer lamps CQ, 31 pieces; piezoelectric ultrasonic scalers with optic MS-4; diathermocoagulants; apexlocators OVK 1.0 AVEX; pulp testers and electroodontometers; dental instruments and tools, dental diagnostic, prophylactic and therapeutic materials, etc.
The staff of the department are Ukrainian Dental Association Kharkiv Regional Branch members.

International cooperation agreements
Laboratory “Biomathematics” Institute of Physiology of the Czech Academy of Sciences (Prague, Czech Republic).
The State University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Nicolae Testemitanu” (Republic of Moldova).
Lithuanian University of Natural Sciences (Kaunas, Republic of Lithuania).
West Kazakhstan Marat Ospanov State Medical University (Kazakhstan).
Institute of Physiological Rehabilitation of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (Prague, Czech Republic).
Institute of International Academic and Scientific Cooperation (IIASC) (Warsaw, Republic of Poland).

International grants
Dolya E. I. West Kazakhstan Marat Ospanov State Medical University – participation in the implementation of scientific and pedagogical program «Visiting professor».
Garmash O. V. «Czech-BioImaging Open Access» is a research project “Prediction of dental diseases in people born with macrosomia”.
Cherepynska Yu. A. National Medical University, Plovdiv, Bulgaria Meeting grant – participation in the first national congress “Oral Medicine”, Bulgaria, Plovdiv.

Volkova O. S. Lublin Medical University, Lublin, Republic of Poland «International postgraduate scientific and pedagogical online internship for teachers of medical institution of higher education “New and innovative teaching methods in medicine”».
Cherepynska Yu. A., Andreeva O. V. Higher School of International Relations and Public Communication in Chelm, Chelm, Republic of Poland “Assessment of the quality of education in higher education”.
Dolya E. I. West Kazakhstan Marat Ospanov State Medical University, Aktobe, Republic of Kazakhstan “Therapeutic Dentistry”.
Andreeva O. V. European Socio-Technical University, Warsaw, Poland “Therapeutic Dentistry”.
Dolia E. I., Volkova O. S., Zhdanova N. O. Republic of Poland, Krakow. Krakow University of Economics “International scientific and pedagogical internship” Internationalization of higher education. New and innovative teaching methods “for pedagogical and scientific pedagogical employees of higher educational institutions of I-IV levels of accreditation, regardless of the forms of ownership and subordination”.
Dolya E. I., Volkova O. S. Iran (Islamic Republic of Iran) Tehran University of Medical Sciences (TUMS) “Preparation of a program for the introduction of learning mobility between KhNMU and TUMS”.
Garmash O. V. Czech Republic, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. Institute of Physiology, Department of Biomathematics “Modern diagnostic strategies and research methods based on confocal microscopy”.
Kamina T. V. Finland, Western Finnish College of Pedagogical Education.

Since 1983, the Department of Therapeutic Dentistry has been training interns in Kharkiv and Sumy regions by correspondence, and since 1993, full-time cycles in full-time and part-time training, interns studied only in Kharkiv region.
After the changes in the internship, in 2005–2006, the department began to train all interns in the specialty “Dentistry” until August 2006.
When the Department of Dentistry was established, which continued the training of general dentists.
Postgraduate education at the Department of Therapeutic Dentistry has been carried out since 2013. To do this, the department widely uses a variety of modern teaching methods, actively introduced into the initial process of modern standards and protocols for dental care, used elements of distance education.
Advanced training courses for dentists on the basis of the Department of Therapeutic Dentistry of KhNMU are conducted by NNIPO in accordance with:
• Order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine dated 22.02.2019 №446 “Some issues of continuous professional development of doctors”.
• Order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine dated 19.01.2021 №74 “On approval of amendments to certain orders of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine”.
The following types of advanced training are held at the department:
• Specialization cycle of “Therapeutic Dentistry” (2 months).
• Internship cycle of “Therapeutic Dentistry” (1 month).
• Cycles of thematic improvement (2 weeks).
Form of study – full-time, part-time;
Conditions of study – state order; contract.
Cycles of secondary specialization for the acquisition of the second specialty in the specialty “Therapeutic Dentistry”. Internship cycles, which are a type of advanced training of doctors in the relevant section of the specialty for dentists who have not worked in the specialty for more than 3 years, or those who missed the next certification deadline.
Сontinuous professional development measures for dentists are cycles of TI “Modern aspects of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of periodontal diseases”, “Features of aesthetic restoration in dentistry”.

News and announcements of the department
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Student scientific department

Student scientific department of the departments of therapeutic dentistry. Scientific adviser: associate professor Kamina Tetyana Viktorivna.

Members of the section: students of 3-5 courses of the dental faculty, 5 and 6 faculties (specialty dentistry). The composition of the students of the section is updated annually.

Format: meeting according to the approved schedule in person in the department or online (Zoom, Google-Meet).

Areas of work: defined in the areas of endodontics, modern restoration of the crown of the tooth, periodontology and diseases of the oral mucosa, which are the main sections of the discipline “therapeutic dentistry”. Teachers responsible for the work of each of the areas conduct individual planning and guidance of students’ research work. The results of the research are presented and discussed at a meeting of the student scientific group. Also, students and teachers constantly monitor and report on new trends in various areas of therapeutic dentistry. After the report there are discussions.

Student conferences in Ukraine and abroad are attended by members of the department, report, publish abstracts. Also, members of the section of the department regularly participate in the All-Ukrainian Olympiad, intellectual competition “Brain Ring in Dentistry”.

Normative documents of the educational process