Long-term cooperation with German Hospital

The partnership between Kharkiv National Medical University and the Sachsenhausen Hospital in Frankfurt am Main has started in 2018, and it is constantly evolving. During these years, the University staff and students have participated in academic mobility, symposia, conferences, and lectures realized by the Hospital.

Despite the epidemic conditions in the country and the world, the University’s cooperation with Sachsenhausen Hospital continues. In particular, from November 29 to December 3, 2021 the Associate Professors of the Department of Surgery No. 2 Olexander Tonkoglas and Mykola Sikal took part in the V Symposium on Bariatric Surgery at Sachsenhausen Hospital. The Symposium also included attending lectures by leading experts, working in the operating and surgical departments, participating in discussions.

The Associate Professors Oleksandr Tonkoglas and Mykola Sykal got acquainted with modern methods of diagnosis, conservative and surgical treatment, postoperative management of patients with morbid obesity and diabetes, met with foreign experts.

The gained experience and knowledge will be implemented in the scientific and pedagogical work of the Department and the University.