Educational process at the Department of Physiology

The Department of Physiology teaches students at two educational and qualification levels – “Master” and “Bachelor”. Educational and qualification level “Master” comprises the study of the discipline “Physiology” exclusively in the 2nd year of I, II, III, IV medical faculties and dental faculty (Ukrainian students), V faculty for training foreign students, VI and VII faculties for training foreign students (English-speaking foreigners); disciplines “Physiology with features of children’s age” – III medical faculty (pediatrics). Educational and qualification level “Bachelor”, Department of “Technology of Medical Diagnosis and Treatment” – discipline “Physiology” in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd courses; educational qualification level “Bachelor”, Department of “Physical Rehabilitation and Occupational Therapy” – discipline “Normal Human Physiology and Pathological Physiology”, 2nd year. Educational and qualification level “Master”, Department of “Physical Rehabilitation and Occupational Therapy” – discipline “Age Physiology”, 1st year. Educational and qualification level “Bachelor”, Department of “Human Health” – discipline “Sports Physiology”, 4th year, and discipline “Age Anatomy and Physiology”, 4th year. To teach these areas of training relevant curricula have been created at the department, on the basis of which curricula and syllabuses have been developed.

Training of discipline in Ukrainian and English is conducted by highly qualified scientific and pedagogical staff of the department. Teaching staff of department includes one doctor of medical sciences and 12 candidates of medical and biological sciences. Teaching in English is carried out only by teachers who have a B2 or C1 certificate. Objectification and unification of teaching in groups of different faculties in the same discipline are achieved by the presence of methodological recommendations for teachers, intra-departmental forms of professional development: open lectures, practical and seminar classes, educational and methodical conferences of the pedagogical staff of the department.

The educational and methodical work of the staff of the department is aimed at the best assimilation of knowledge by students in practical classes, at the successful solution of situational problems for passing the Unified State Licensing Exam. The training of students at the department is based on the principles of providing methodological and informational materials of the educational process with elements of independent work. Texts of lectures and methodical instructions in Ukrainian and English are created. Lectures are provided with modern technical means, in particular with the use of demonstration material. Much attention is paid to improving practical training. Methodical developments for practical classes for teachers have been created. All materials are posted in the repository of KhNMU and on the department’s Facebook page.