Signing of the flag

The student self-government of KNMU – the sector of public education and volunteering, jointly with the Student Council of the ІІ Faculty of Medicine, organized an event where those who defend the honor of their higher educational institution every day and contribute to the Victory of our country, can leave their mark in the history of KNMU!

On May, 2 the administration and volunteers of KNMU gathered in the courtyard of the main building of KhNMU to put their signatures and wishes for the Armed Forces on the flag of KNMU, leaving a memory of their activities. Also medical students organized a fundraiser for the 1st Assault Company of the Special Unit of the Main Directorate of Intelligence, which was solemnly closed with the sum of UAH 17,000. Together we are a force! Together we are able to realize great things!

The collected funds have already been spent on Israeli bandages, Help4Skin Wound healing kits and endotracheal tubes, which have already been given to the 1st assault company of the special unit of the Main Directorate of Intelligence.

Also, for the largest donations to the collection, the collection chevrons of the KNMU were awarded – they will remind us of this time when all of Ukraine united against terror. Active students, administration and teachers joined the collection and the largest donation was received from the Scientific Library of KNMU! We are grateful to everyone who contributed to this next victory, let’s keep working!

KNMU is a reliable rear for the Armed Forces! Together to the Victory!