Letter of thanks

«To the administration and management of KhNMU, I just wanted to say a very big thank you for your selfless and commitment towards the development of your students!

In spite of the aggression and adversity you stood up all to provide us support in terms of paperwork, your doctors delivered classes and lectures to students under constant bombing, you moved to other part of the country that is a bit safe to conduct classes for offline study. There is no dedication more than this, all I can say is Ukrainian people have a nerve of steel and you have stand up for friend of all nations (as you have students from all part of the world), there is nothing more worth fighting for than this.

Everything will be in Ukraine 🇺🇦, keep fighting for victory is just around the corner.

Slava Ukraini, glory to heroes!».

Adetunji Elijah Oluwasegun Ayoigbala, Nigeria, continues study in UK.

We thank our students for their support!