Therapeutic work of the Department of Pediatrics №1 and Neonatology

Doctors of the department and basic clinics – pupils of the Kharkiv pediatric school together solve complex medical-diagnostic and scientific problems at the highest level. Clinical bases and their equipment allow to carry out medical and consultative process at the modern level.

Employees of the department for 2015-2020 have treated 9420 children and consulted 23,700 children. 635 implementations have been submitted to the practical level of health care.

Departments of departments:

Kharkiv Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital

(Director: Honored Doctor of Ukraine, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor G. Muratov)

– the number of beds 270, the hospital has 5 specialized children’s centers:

  • Regional Children’s Gastroenterological Center;
  • Regional Children’s Cardiology Center;
  • Regional Children’s Pulmonology Center;
  • Regional Children’s Nephrology Center;
  • Regional Children’s Endocrinology Center;

10 specialized departments: pulmonology, cardiology, gastroenterology, endocrinology department with pediatric beds for children with rare diseases (center), reception, infectious-boxing, neurological department, department of anesthesiology with intensive care beds, nephrology department;

Offices: “Telemedicine”, “Phytoland”, “Clinic, friendly to youth”.

In addition, the basic clinic has modern equipped rooms for functional studies of the cardiovascular system and respiratory system, endoscopic room, rooms for ultrasound diagnostics, ECG, EEG. In the 2012-2013 academic year, with the support of the management of KhNMU, the department received a modern complex of ultrasound and doppler diagnostics, in 2015 – a device for daily Holter ECG monitoring, in 2016 – a modern spirometer.

On the basis of the department there is a laboratory of functional diagnostics, where there is modern technical equipment and medical diagnostic devices: 2 ultrasound machines, ECG machine, daily ECG monitoring, bicycle ergometer, height meter. 6th year students have the opportunity to study and work in this laboratory, students and young scientists conduct research.

The clinic has a dentist’s office (pediatrician), as well as a consultative examination of a pediatric gynecologist.

Employees of KhNMU who are working in Kharkiv Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital: 6 doctors of sciences, 4 of them are professors; 16 – candidates of medical sciences.

Hospital staff – 12 candidates of medical sciences (3 of them are freelance regional specialists)

Consultative work of the department

Infectious Diseases Boxing Department – T. Ishchenko

Regional Children’s Cardiology Center – prof. G. Senatorova

Regional Children’s Pulmonology Center – prof. G. Senatorova, L. Telnova, L. Chernenko

Neurological Department – M. Uryvaieva

Regional Children’s Nephrology Center – G. Muratov

Endocrinology center with specialized beds for children with rare diseases – prof. T. Chaichenko

Regional Children’s Gastroenterological Center – O. Omelchenko

Head of the Bronchopulmonary dysplasia center, immunologist – O. Logvinova

Hematologist – T. Ishchenko

The number of new methods implementations for diagnosis and treatment together with Kharkiv Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital for 5 years (2016-2020) – 465

Regional Clinical Perinatal Center: neonatology department – 60 beds, including – 40 beds for cohabitation of mother and child and postnatal care department – 20 beds.

Director – V. Yarosh

Employees working on the base:

  • I. Kondratova – Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor, Head of the Regional Clinical Perinatal Center.
  • A. Boychenko – Doctor of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor.
  • N. Matsievska – Candidate of Medical Sciences, Assistant Professor.
  • Ye. Ivanova – Assistant Professor.

Advisory work is performed by professors and associate professors of the department.

Over the last 5 years, about 3,893 patients have been examined, 5,840 ultrasound examinations have been performed, and 4,200 newborns have been consulted.

Number of implementations for the last 5 years – 29.

Regional Clinical Perinatal Center

(clinical base of the department for 50 years).

– 110 beds

Director of Regional Clinical Perinatal Center – Honored Doctor of Ukraine – N. Pasieshvili

The center has 3 neonatal wards:

  • neonatal ward №1 – 40 beds;
  • neonatal unit №2 – 40 beds;
  • neonatal intensive care unit – 6 beds.

Employees working on the base – Doctor of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor T. Malich

Advisory work is performed by professors and associate professors of the department as needed.

During 2015-2021:

  • 2326 newborns were consulted;
  • 27 introduction of new methods of examination and treatment of newborns;
  • 15 local protocols were created.

Regional specialized orphanage “Hippocrates”

(clinical base of the department since 2008)

Director – Candidate of Medical Sciences R. Marabyan

Employees working on the base:

Doctor of Medicine, Professor Riga OO, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Assistant Professor N. Konovalova, graduate student N. Orlova, associate professors as needed.

The bed fund of Regional specialized orphanage “Hippocrates” is 60 beds:

  • reception and diagnostic department,
  • palliative care department,
  • medical rehabilitation department.

Therapeutic work during 2016-2021:

  • consulted (prof., docents) – 960,
  • consultations – 60,
  • 120 shifts were carried out.

Kharkiv City children’s clinic №2 – for 2000 visits a day.

(clinical base of the department for 30 years)

Employees working on the base:

Doctor of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor M. Uryvaieva, Ph.D. Doctor of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor T. Ishchenko, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Assistant Professor N. Buzhinska, graduate student O. Mikhailova.

Therapeutic work during 2016-2020:

  • consultations (prof., docent) – 3720
  • introduced methods of diagnosis and treatment – 26
  • clinical conferences – 8

Palliative care department – children’s hospice on the basis of Kharkiv City children’s clinic №5

clinical base of the department since 01.2018

20 beds to provide round-the-clock qualified palliative care and psychological, social, spiritual support for a sick child and their family.

Employees working on the base:

Prof. M. Gonchar , Prof. Riga OO, Assoc. Prof. O. Omelchenko and other specialists on demand.

From 2018-2021, the staff of the department consulted 960 children


  1. “Behavioral pain rating scales FLACC and rFLACC for children aged 0 to 3 years”
  2. “Algorithm for assessing and treating chronic pain in children”
  3. “Physiognomic scale of pain assessment (Face Pain Scale – Revised) for children from 4 to 16 years”
  4. “Game therapy in pediatric palliative care”
  5. “Enteral nutrition of sick children with malnutrition”
  6. “Method of correction of protein-energy deficiency in children with incurable diseases”
  7. “Method of assessing nutritional status in young children in children with chronic pain”

“Local clinical protocol to help children with constipation”

Number of implementations for 5 years – 9

Number of local protocols – 30.

Children’s Medical Center “Planet of Pediatrics”

Head – Doctor of Medicine, Assoc. Prof. O. Logvinova

Treated / consulted

2019 – 6345

2020 – 7458

Ultrasound + ECG + Spirogram were performed

2019 – 432

2020 – 810

Employees of the department supervise 5 districts of Kharkiv region, where medical, methodical, sanitary-educational work is carried out medical workers as well as the population. The department is a base for the introduction of the latest technologies for diagnosis and treatment of children with various somatic pathologies in Kharkiv and Kharkiv region.