History of the Department of Physical Education and Health

The department of physical culture in the Kharkiv Medical Institute was founded in 1928, and was first supervised by prof. Blyakh V.A. In 1936 the department was cheated by: associate professor Moskovkin V.A., Pelepeychenko P.L., Tsotsokha V.A., Zarya V.I., associate professor Teslenko N.N., Stanislavsky I.T., Ussi – Uzing A.G. … (1950–1962), Machkovsky M.B., Koval M.I., Maksimova V.M., senior teacher Kharchenko A.I. (1965–1981), Klepikova S.O. (1981–1984). From 1985 p. associate professor Shapoval O.M. became Head of the department.

The course of physical culture and doctor’s control was started in 1932 as the department of the faculty–hospital therapy of the sanitary–hygienic faculty. Since 1939 the department was headed by: Reiselman S.D., Kalf-Kalif M. Y., Malaya L.T., Kozlovskaya M.P., Pocheptsov V.G., Dubinsky A.A., Bondarenko I.P. During 1988–2006, the head of the department was Professor Latoguz I.K.

In 2007 with the method of optimizing the victories of both disciplines – physical culture and physical control, physical education and health – the department was instituted on the basis of the concept of the Bologna process in medical education. From 2008 until spring 2020 department of physical rehabilitation, sports medicine with a course of physical health and wellness was headed by prof. Іstomin A.G.

In connection with the reorganization from September 1, 2020, the Department of “Physical Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine with a course of physical education and health” created two independent departments of “Sports, Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy” and “Physical Education and Health ‘I”. The Department of Physical Education and Health was headed by Vyacheslav Vadimovich Shuteev, Candidate of Physical Education and Sports, Associate Professor, Master of Sports of International Class.