Strategic tasks of KhNMU development for the period up to 2025:


  • ensuring economic independence and sustainable indicators of economic efficiency of the University, based on the diversification of economic activities, the providing paid educational services and the development of scientific research;
  • development and improvement of the University management system in order to increase its efficiency in the implementation of the mission, vision and objectives of the University, as well as increasing adaptability and competitiveness in conditions of uncertainty;
  • development of an active public position and participation in the elaboration and implementation of programs and measures to improve the life of society, in particular in the field of health care, promoting the health of the population at the local, regional and national levels;
  • ensuring the growth of scientific potential and recognition of KhNMU at the national, European and world levels;
  • continuous growth of the quality of the educational process and increase of the rating positions of KhNMU as a leading Universityin the training of professionals for the health care system and related social spheres both in our country and abroad;
  • development of personnel, material, medical, information-technological and technical base;
  • expansion of the spheres and directions of strategic partnership, work with the professional community for sustainable development, active interaction on the basis of partnership with the European and world educational institutions;
  • formation and development on the basis of the University, educational-scientific-industrial (medical) cluster.