Meeting with representatives of the Expert Council

On October 27, representatives of the Student Self-Government of KhNMU attended a meeting, where they had the opportunity to discuss important issues for students with the head of the Student Council of Experts, Ilya Bieliak, and the Expert on Education and Science, Yulia Gryshina.

Proposed innovations in education were discussed at the EDKI, and projects of the Student Expert Council of Higher Education Institutions were presented. An urgent issue was also raised – the possibility of free military training. “…Not everyone has the opportunity to pay for studying at the military department. And the request, it turns out, is big. We will find such opportunities.” Yuliya Grishina commented on this issue.

Those responsible for these areas of work were immediately identified on the spot, who are already preparing appeals and proposals. Yulia Gryshina also presented the author’s book “Knowledge that changes the world” for the Student Self-Government of the KhNMU.

Young people in Kharkiv region are proactive, caring and knowledgeable. Such students join the Expert Council. We remind you that the representative of the KhNMU Student Self-Government in the Student Expert Council is the Head of the KhNMU Student Council Kateryna Topolyuk, which gives our university a certain awareness of current events and problems.

We continue to unite students of Ukraine and work together for our future!