The Forum of first-year students 2022


On October 3, the Forum of first-year students took place. The Student Government of the KhNMU presented its areas of work, activities, responsibilities and opportunities.

Difficult times make strong people – even difficult conditions did not prevent young students from striving for development –they hardened and even more aroused the desire of students to work for the common good. The forum was attended by about 120 first-year students from various faculties of our university.

The forum was solemnly opened by Hanna Moroz, head of the Student Government of KhNMU, who introduced her team and gave general information about the functions, structure and capabilities of the Student Council of KhNMU.

Later, the heads of all sectors revealed their areas of responsibility and field of activity, showing slides with photos and videos of their fruitful work over the past years. First-year students had the opportunity to choose the following areas:

  • sector of External Relations;
  • Sector for monitoring the quality of education;
  • Media sector;
  • Sports sector;
  • eSports sector;
  • Event sector;
  • Public Education and Volunteering sector;
  • sector Cooperation with foreign students;
  • volunteer organization “Era caritas”;
  • club of intellectual games “What? Where? When?”;
  • “Laughter League” sector.

At the Forum students also listened to information from representatives of the Student Council of the dormitories, learned about the possibility of participating in groups of various departments of KhNMU and about the activities and cooperation of Student Government of KhNMU with other organizations today.

The Student Government of KHNMU calls on all students to fruitful cooperation and development of themselves and our alma mater!