Study of the human body with children

On September 16, the team of the volunteer sector “Era Caritas” of the Student Government of KhNMU visited children who were forced to leave their homes and relatives; children from low-income families who, due to the aggression of a terrorist country, are temporarily staying in dormitory No. 2 of the National Pharmaceutical University. Our medical students held the “Merry Consilium” event as part of the “Medical Background” project.

A team of students conducted an incredibly important and interesting class on the topic: “The body as a whole.” This event was aimed at getting to know one’s own body and its main organs. The lesson program consisted of 5 parts.

At the beginning, there was an introduction to the children, where everyone told something interesting about themselves, told about their feelings and worries. Thus, the children were able to learn more about each other and work in a team more easily in the future.

Then there was a story about our body in a conversational format. Students asked leading questions to the children, to which they found the answer with encouragement. In turn, young researchers were interested in various organs, functions and their interrelationship.

After that, work was carried out with the model of the human body. According to the named function, the children had to guess the organ that corresponds to it, after which the students gave the “organ” that had to be placed in the correct place on the human model. This helped the children to more clearly understand the topography of the organs inside the human body. External organs, such as skin, eyes, ears and nose, children could show on themselves and explore their own body. The children were completely immersed in the process and everyone wanted to try to guess first.

The fourth stage of the lesson was a layer-by-layer examination of the body. All the children were given pictures with a certain system of the body in section (covers, muscles, blood vessels, nervous system, internal organs, skeleton). The children formed teams and, together with the students, tried to assemble the correct sequence of layers. In the process, the children discussed and expressed themselves, coming to a joint correct decision.

The last part of the lesson included consolidating knowledge about organs with the help of coloring pages. Having chosen one of the coloring options, the children had to color the organs and parts of the body in the correct colors. At the end of the lesson, the child received stickers with body organs. Everyone chose what they liked best, much to their delight.

Children and students were delighted with the event. Finally, the students saw a lot of sincere emotions from the children and heard many words of thanks, and they are also looking forward to new meetings and events “Medical Background” from the team of the “Era Caritas” sector of the Student Government of KhNMU.