Charity event "Sweets for the Armed Forces"

On November 30, the team of the public education and volunteering sector of the Student Government of the KhNMU completed the charity event that began on November 20, 2022 under the name “Sweets for the Armed Forces”. The purpose of the event was to collect confectionery and sweets made by the medical students of KhNMU to show support and respect to our soldiers on the front lines.

The cookies made by the students were packaged in portions, which is very convenient for our soldiers. Now these homemade treats, made with warmth and love, will warm our Defenders from the inside along with hot tea. Also, greeting cards were attached to each portion so that every Ukrainian soldier felt our support and faith in Victory.

During the week, our team baked and assembled confectionery: from honey cookies to cupcakes. In total, more than 450 products were collected, which were put into 70 packages, each of which contains from 5 to 7 goodies. Also, 10 jars of sweet jam were added to the cookies. All goodies were handed over to the Territorial Defense in the Kharkiv direction.