KNMU students listened to lectures on radiology

On November 9, in honor of the International Day of Radiologists, with the assistance of the head of the Department of Radiology and Radiation Medicine, Doctor of Medicine, Professor Starenky Viktor Petrovych, a series of lectures on Radiology by the lecturer, Doctor of Medicine, Associate Professor Roman Mykhailovych Spuziak started in conjunction with the public education sector and volunteering of the KhNMU Student Government.

The cycle of lectures included four interesting and at the same time diverse topics, such as: “Pneumonia. Differential diagnostics. Radiological patterns of lung damage in COVID-19”; “Radiological diagnosis of dystrophic diseases of the spine”; “Radiological methods in the diagnosis of traumatic spine injuries”; “Radiological diagnosis of bone tumors: Benign tumors and tumor-like diseases.”

Attending lectures, students had the opportunity to consider relevant and important issues, namely: differentiation algorithms, understanding diagnostics, the ability to distinguish different diseases based on similar morphology and pathogenesis in the early stages of diagnosis; about new and highly informative methods of visualization, such as X-ray computer, magnetic resonance imaging.

At the end of each lecture, participants were given an interactive survey, where everyone who listened carefully and passed the task with the majority of correct answers could receive a certificate for the cycle they listened to, as well as take part in a raffle for merch from the Student Self-Government of KhNMU.

A total of 180 KhNMU students completed the cycle! In order for all interested students to be able to join the lectures, the organizers created a Telegram channel, in which all lecture recordings and surveys were published, as well as convenient communication with the participants of the cycle. All students who completed the cycle received new knowledge and answers to all their questions, repeated what they knew, and were satisfied and charged up to gain new knowledge and study!