Regarding consideration of appeals under martial law


Dear students!

Because of the receipt of numerous appeals from students of various years of study regarding the registration and confirmation of documents on studying at the university, we inform you:

As you know, due to the armed aggression of the russian federation against our country, a legal regime of martial law was introduced and currently continues on the territory of Ukraine by Presidential Decrees, during which, in accordance with Article 64 of the Constitution of Ukraine, certain restrictions on the rights and freedoms of citizens may be established. This applies to the timeliness of consideration of appeals, applications or requests from citizens and depends, in particular, on the availability of technical capabilities to process correspondence (means of communication, the Internet), the proximity of the institution to which appeals are sent to the places of hostilities, the nature of the requested information and urgent need for it, etc.

The list of territorial communities that are located in the area of hostilities or that are under temporary occupation, encirclement (blockade) determines that the Kharkiv City Territorial Community of Kharkiv District of Kharkiv Oblast belongs to the territorial communities that are located in the area of hostilities actions or which are in temporary occupation, encirclement (blocking).

In connection with the direct threat to people’s lives, the activities of Kharkiv institutions, including the Kharkiv National Medical University, are limited in terms of working with documents and archives, many employees were forced to leave the Kharkiv region and Ukraine, and they perform their work directly at the workplace in a difficult security situation or, if technically possible, in a remote format. Due to constant rocket attacks in our city, unstable operation of the infrastructure, in particular – electricity supply, technical difficulties arise in the provision of this work, which leads to an increase in the time required to process and prepare the requested documents.

Despite this, the university processes all documents received by means of postal communication, e-mail, messengers, etc., including statements, appeals, complaints, and performs all necessary procedures to resolve them as soon as possible on the merits and provide, provided there is no to the university of any debt, to the students of the requested documents.

As university employees work in conditions of active hostilities, constant missile attacks, aerial alarms and instability of critical infrastructure, the administration of the Kharkiv National Medical University asks for your understanding of the forced, independent of us, delays in processing and issuing documents.