Congratulations to the graduates of the VII Faculty ERITIC


Today, a solemn ceremony of graduating Doctors of 2024 took place at the Kharkiv National Medical University – the 7th graduation of the VII Faculty of Foreign Students Training of the Educational and Scientific Institute for Training of Foreign Citizens KhNMU.

Many people believe that seven is a lucky number; It may seem strange to attribute luck to a simple number, but the number seven has long been considered lucky throughout the world.

What have we done during the 7 years of the faculty’s existence? We prepared for graduation and issued diplomas to 1170 doctors from 110 countries of the world. And these graduates of ours all over the world to the question “Where did you get your diploma?”, will answer “In Ukraine, at the Kharkiv National Medical University”. “Which faculty did you graduate from there? – “7th!”/

I wish our foreign doctors of 2024 strength, inspiration and stability in their further professional and personal life! You have done a lot to receive the honorary title of “Doctor” today, and you have also seen and experienced a lot with us during the 6 years of study in Ukraine. You have truly become the history and legend of our University. I hope that in the future we will still hear your personal success stories and will be proud with you of all your achievements, 7th graduation of the the VII Faculty of Foreign Students Training of the Kharkiv National Medical University, good luck to you!

Dean of the VII Faculty of Foreign Students Training Oksana Vasylieva