Project on psychological resilience of communities

The Student Self-Government of KhNMU continues cooperation within the framework of the important project “Psychological Resilience of the Communities of Slobozhanshchyna”, the purpose of which is the dissemination of stress management methods in the communities of Kharkiv and Kharkiv Region from the NGO “Ukrainian Psychosocial Organization” with the financial support of MH4U and the scientific and methodological support of the Center for Mental Health KhNMU.

As part of the project, KhNMU students joined the second event of training facilitators of the group course “Self-help plus”.


The Self-Help Plus (SH+) course was developed by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a five-session group stress management course. It is suitable for all cases where there are population groups affected by extremely adverse conditions. It can be used to manage stress in adults, regardless of whether they have a diagnosed mental illness, and it has been shown to prevent the onset of mental disorders in adults. The SH+ course includes pre-recorded audio recordings and an illustrated guide to teach stress management skills.

This innovative format allows laypersons to take a short SH+ course training under supervision and then deliver it to large groups of people (eg up to around 30 people at a time). The SH+ course is one of a range of evidence-based scalable psychological interventions published by WHO and can be offered alongside other mental health interventions or community programs.

From now on, the KHNMU studentship facilitators plan to conduct this training for the students and administration of KHNMU, as well as for the population of Kharkiv, from this program. If anyone is interested in joining the course, write to the corporate mail of the Student Self-Government of KhNMU: