Ex&Ex project: lectures chosen by students


Medical students continue to conduct the project “Express Experience” (Ex & Ex), regularly organizing events within it and gathering more and more interested applicants for higher education!

On May 13, 2022, the Student Government of KhNMU hosted another online event with the support of the Department of Clinical Pharmacology and Internal Medicine of KhNMU and the Scientific Library of KhNMU.

The meeting was opened by Iryna Volodymyrivna Leshchyna, Vice-Rector for Scientific and Pedagogical Work of KhNMU, who gave an introductory speech in which she noted that the main purpose of higher medical school is to train professionals who are constantly at the forefront in the struggle for life and health. It is known that a medical worker is a vocation and a state of mind. Those who are not indifferent to other people’s grief, who are not afraid of responsibility, who love people and are ready to sacrifice their own for their health without expecting anything in return, go to medicine. During martial law, it is especially important to prepare higher education seekers to provide emergency and emergency medical care in emergencies of armed conflict in the city of events.

Then the director of the Scientific Library of KhNMU Iryna Vasylivna Kyrychok shared the possibilities of the library and presented to the participants reliable information resources for medical education and science, which are presented on the website of the Scientific Library of KhNMU, which students can use.

After that, the Department of Clinical Pharmacology and Internal Medicine of KhNMU started a series of «round tables» on emergencies in the clinic of internal medicine. The need for these measures is due to the fact that during wartime the student may be the only person who can save a patient’s life.

The event included two lectures on “Acute Coronary Syndrome” and “Hypertensive Crisis”, where all students were able to get important and relevant information about the above emergencies, as well as answers to questions. Each topic was considered in two stages: the first – a lecture on emergencies, the second – an interactive test made in “Kahoot!”, Which consisted of tests of the STEP-2 database. The whole test was accompanied by comments and analysis of each question, and the winners of the quiz were determined, which increased the interest of students.

Also under the Ex&Ex-project on May 11 and 14, 2022, the study of the ECG topic continued under the close guidance of the associate professor of the Department of General and Clinical Pathological Physiology. TO. Alperna, Ph.D. Nadezhda Askhativna Safargalina-Kornilova, during which all students received a comprehensive theoretical information base and had the opportunity to use it during an interactive created by the lecturer!

The organizers of the Ex&Ex-project Kateryna Topoliuk and Bohdan Ponomar set up the project in such a way that lectures will be given by all the above-mentioned and other departments of KhNMU in the future.

The most important thing is that the formation of the following topics is influenced by the wishes of students who now more than ever need to obtain and repeat relevant and important medical knowledge and who are now working for the benefit of our Сountry, saving lives!