United for the sake of children

On February 7, the Scientific Library of KhNMU joined the efforts of the project “The World in the Palms of Children” with the work of the Student Government project of KhNMU “Little Doctor” on the basis of the nephrology and endocrinology department of the KNP Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital, where children and adolescents are treated.

The library staff and students introduced the children to hibuki therapy, together they held a “Merry Consilium for Doctors”, and also presented the children with a Box of Courage, which contained everything for creativity, with the help of which they later conducted art therapy for children.

This event had several tasks:
• To acquaint children with the Hibuki toy, which is used as a therapeutic tool to overcome the child’s psychological injuries and worries;
• As part of the “Baby Doctor” project, discuss the medical equipment and manipulation tools that children in the hospital encounter every day;
• To support children and show them how brave and courageous they are, because they struggle every day with difficult trials due to illness with the help of the “Boxes of Courage” campaign, which contains books and various stationery for the manifestation of their creativity and interesting leisure time.

The goal is to explain why doctors and nurses perform manipulations, how to perform them correctly; to enable children to share their experiences, which can leave very unpleasant memories for a lifetime, to experience it together and overcome their fears. Thanks to this, children understand how medical equipment is arranged, what exactly medical professionals do and are less worried about procedures.

Each of the children assumed the role of a doctor and told others about his experience.
Children really liked this form of communication when they could share their knowledge and experiences and learn new things from medical students.

The children were delighted with the gifts and used them to draw wonderful pictures.

Smiles on children’s faces and a good mood are the main result of our volunteers’ visit!

We continue work on projects!