International cooperation of KhNMU in the modern three-dimensional technologies


At the initiative of 3D Artec (Luxembourg), cooperation with Panacea Cooperative Research and KNMU was started. On February 7, 2023, an online meeting of participants was held to discuss and implement the Skeleton ID project.

Representatives of the company Panacea Cooperative Research presented their own unique software – Skeleton ID. With the help of Skeleton ID artificial intelligence, it is possible to quickly, accurately and objectively identify a person. Skeleton ID forensic identification software is used by law enforcement and government agencies around the world when DNA and fingerprint analysis are not possible.

The Center of Three-Dimensional Technologies of KNMU has unique experience in the development of three-dimensional models of organs and systems of the human body, and was recognized as one of the leaders in the use of the three-dimensional scanner of the company 3D Artec in Ukraine.

During the meeting Matthew McMillion from 3D Artec – “This software could help Ukraine as a country and Ukraine’s families of the missing. And we want to help Ukraine. The project will be done directly with 3D Center and we will also list the Institute of Forensic Medicine as your partner in this” and Panacea Cooperative Research “The researchers will use their software to compare the 3D model of the skull with a 3D version of the faces, via digital landmarks, so they can match the skull with the missing person by using their photo. We are very happy to know that you and your colleagues are interested in mutual cooperation! This will benefit everyone greatly.”

As part of the collaboration, representatives of the Institute of Forensic Expertises named after Prof. M.S. Bokarius joined the meeting. After the completion of the development of this project, courses on how to use Skeleton ID will be held in order to introduce it into everyday work and master this software.

The result of this cooperation will be the improvement of software for identifying a person based on the data of 3D models of the skull and face – Skeleton ID and its further implementation, which is extremely important for modern medicine in the work of doctors, forensic specialists, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the military of Ukraine.