To the Day of a child with cancer


Every year on February 15, Ukraine celebrates the International Day of Children with Cancer to support children in difficult period in his life.

On February 15, the first part of the event dedicated to the World Day of a Child with Cancer took place with the participation of the Public Education and Volunteering Sector of KhNMU together with the 1st and 3rd medical faculties. The event took place on the basis of Kharkiv Children’s Hospital №16. Volunteers prepared an entertainment program for children who were invited to the “Council of Doctors”, where they were able to act as a real health worker. The purpose of this event was to communicate with both children and adolescents; to exchange experience in the medical field and motivate the present “colleagues” to the future profession of a doctor.

The following competitions were held: to collect human organs in the correct location, to disassemble the structure of medical devices, for example, drip systems, catheters and medical syringes. Volunteers also prepared mini-interviews with children, who were happy to tell how to correctly determine the location of the injury and how to care for the patient on the example of plush toys. Conducting competitions and completing tasks at the event, children had the opportunity to receive coloring pages on medical topics and sweet prizes. Also volunteers donated a box with many types of stationery to improve the creative activity of children.