Promotion from the bookstore "Syaivo books"

From the moment of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, according to statistics, more and more people began to consume Ukrainian: cinema, music, art, literature and many other things, with the aim of eradicating everything Russian from our field of vision, because each of us remembers at what cost even 100 years ago, Ukrainian artists were given Freedom of Speech and the opportunity to show the truth to the whole world.

KhNMU students were also not left out of these changes. On December 3, the team of the public education and volunteering sector of the Student Government of the KhNMU joined the action of the “Syaivo books” bookstore in the city of Kyiv, the essence of which was that it was possible to bring to the bookstore publications by Russian authors, Russian translations or books from Russian publishers that students considered waste paper 100% of the money from waste paper recycling goes to the needs of the Armed Forces. Instead, for those who took part in the charity event, the bookstore issues a coupon with a 10% discount on the purchase of new books in the Ukrainian language. There will also be a raffle for merch and gifts from the Student Government of KhNMU among all those who took part in this campaign.

The collection of books lasted for three weeks, the students of KhNMU sent books to the collection point from different cities of Ukraine. During this time, with the joint efforts of students of higher education, almost 70 kilograms of waste paper were collected, which were handed over to the bookstore on December 25!

We thank the bookstore “Syaivo books” for the opportunity to help our soldiers in this difficult time!