About us

The Preparatory Department for Foreign Students is a subdivision of the university that provides language training for foreigners to enter higher education institutions. The training is designed for 1 academic year (10 months) and takes place in accordance with the approved programs and curricula. Training profile – medical and biological.

During two semesters students study 7 disciplines:

  1. Ukrainian language (more than half of the total study time is allocated);
  2. Biology.
  3. Chemistry.
  4. Physics.
  5. Mathematics.
  6. Fundamentals of computer science and computer engineering.
  7. Country studies.

Each study group, as it completes, receives a specially designed lesson plan, deadlines for tests and exams.

Students who have passed the final tests and exams successfully receive a certificate of completion of the preparatory department, which gives the right to enroll in 1-st course for Ukrainian-language education without any additional entrance examinations.

At the request of the student, the issue of providing a place in a dormitory is considered.

The quality of education is facilitated by a small number of students in one study group (not more than 13 people), a high level of teaching and methodological support of the educational process.

A comfortable place in the preparatory department for foreign students is facilitated by a convenient place for classes (near the main building of the university, located in the heart of the city), the availability of a sufficient number of food outlets, as well as free Wi-Fi access.

During the study period, students take an active part in the life of the university, learn about its history and traditions, get acquainted with the leading departments, speak at city scientific conferences, visit exhibitions, museums, theatres.

Oleg Anatolyevich MARUSHCHENKO
The Department of Philosophy, PhD in sociology
+38 057 707 72 07 oa.marushchenko@knmu.edu.ua

The teaching staff of the preparatory department for foreign students is a well-coordinated team with extensive experience in training foreign students:
• Marchenko Olga Dmytrivna – senior teacher of Ukrainian language and country studies;
• Zhuravlyova Valentyna Ivanivna – senior teacher of Ukrainian language and country studies;
• Tymchuk Natalia Fyodorovna – senior teacher of biology;
• Shulga Inna Mykolayivna – senior teacher of chemistry;
• Oksenych Taisa Volodymyrivna – senior teacher of physics;
• Grevtsova Olena Fedorivna – senior teacher of mathematics and basics of computer science and computer engineering.
• Other employees of the division:
• Selegen Victoria Gennadievna – methodist;
• Chernikova Natalia Anatoliyivna – senior inspector.
Head of Department: Marushchenko Oleg Anatoliyovych – PhD in Sociology, Associate Professor.

Educational work in the preparatory department for foreign students is one of the key areas. The curators of the groups (and they are always teachers of the Ukrainian language) actually carry out the planned adaptation of foreign students who have started studying, to the Ukrainian socio-cultural realities, traditions, to the city of Kharkiv and, of course, to the Kharkiv National Medical University.
Students together with teachers visit museums (especially Art and History, as well as the Museum of Railway Transport, Museum of Illusions), parks, exhibitions, theaters (most often – Kharkiv National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater), circus, participate in tours (usually all delighted with a bus tour of the city with visits to interesting cultural places, monuments, streets named after famous scientists and cultural figures), skate, celebrate birthdays, participate in charity events (for example, visiting with gifts children from the regional orphanage) and in university competitions.

The first steps in science

Most often, it is at the preparatory department for foreign students the listeners get a real opportunity to take their first steps in science!
Every year some representatives of our department take part in student scientific conferences held at various universities in our city: from 2010 to 2020 there were more than 50 such students!
The teaching staff of the Preparatory Department for Foreign Students has already held a similar scientific conference three times (“International Communication: Talking and Learning”) and within the walls of our university. And everyone was able to make sure that progress is available: the topics and quality of reports from year to year are diversified, improved and deepened.
To be continued!