Medical college of the KhNMU

About us

The Medical College is part of and is a structural unit of the Kharkiv National Medical University.

Educational activities at the Medical College of the Kharkiv National Medical University are carried out under the specialty 223 Nursing.

The educational institution prepares professional junior bachelors on the basis of:

  • basic general secondary education in the specializations “Medical care” (paramedic qualification), “Nursing” (medical nurse qualification);
  • complete general secondary education in the specializations “Nursing” (medical nurse qualification), “Obstetrics” (midwife qualification).
St. Igor Muratov, 11, Kharkiv, 61177, Ukraine
Lebedynets Tetiana
candidate of pedagogy, teacher-methodologist, teacher of the highest category
Deputy directors
Dolmatova Marharyta
Deputy director for educational work, teacher-methodologist, teacher of the highest category
Hulyayeva Iryna
Deputy director for educational work, teacher-methodologist, teacher of the highest category
  • College Today

    The Medical Аррlіed College of Kharkiv National Medical University is a small family for students, providing them with the conditions to achieve their dreams. Today, our main focus is ensuring a high level of educational process that meets modern requirements, including the integration of innovative teaching technologies, the application of the latest diagnostic and treatment methods, and the use of modern medical equipment to train future nurses, midwives, and medical assistants.

    We look forward to welcoming you to the cozy walls of our educational institution. Here, you will master the most humane professions in the world. Our highly qualified teachers will not only share their knowledge and experience with you but also help you cultivate qualities such as kindness, compassion, and responsibility for the lives and health of others. We strive to prepare medical professionals who can be entrusted with people’s lives. We also care about nurturing specialists who are sincere, knowledgeable, and capable of growth and self-improvement.

    The Medical Аррlіed College of KhNMU is one of the best institutions of professional pre-higher education in Ukraine, producing qualified junior bachelors for healthcare institutions.

  • The college has the following structural units:
    • subject-cycle commissions;
    • methodologist;
    • commission for practical training and employment assistance;
    • library;
    • accounting service;
    • administrative unit.
  • Educational Activities

    According to the Nursing Development Program, graduates of the college can continue their studies in the specialty “Nursing” and obtain higher education at the bachelor’s and master’s levels. The equipment and facilities of the college’s classrooms fully support the educational process. Agreements have been made with healthcare institutions in Kharkiv and the region, where students undergo industrial and pre-diploma internships.

    Our educational institution creatively employs 35 staff members. Among them are 27 teachers, including 5 candidates of sciences; 23 teachers have the pedagogical title of “teacher-methodologist.” The teachers of the college are distinguished by their deep knowledge of the subject, the emotional delivery of their lessons, and their responsiveness and attention to students’ needs.

    The staff of the Medical Applied College is working productively to solve the tasks of further improving the educational process and holds a leading position in the system of training qualified junior bachelors for healthcare institutions. The educational process is aimed at forming professional, creative, and well-rounded individuals. One form of improving the educational process is the organization of themed weeks for individual subjects. There are systematic weeks dedicated to Genetics, Anatomy, Surgery, Pediatrics, Obstetrics, Hygiene, the history of Ukraine and Ukrainian culture, and Latin.

    Physical education and sports occupy a special place in the life of the college as an integral part of the comprehensive development of a well-rounded individual. Educational activities aim to develop well-rounded individuals. To enhance moral qualities, students are involved in volunteer movements.

    The teaching staff is working on the methodological issue: “Training competitive specialists based on the application of innovative pedagogical technologies in the educational process.” To improve their methodological level and teaching skills, teachers study educational technologies, develop methodological guides for theoretical classes, and familiarize themselves with advanced teaching experiences.