History of the Department of language training of foreign citizens

The department of language training of foreign citizens was founded in 1964 for teaching foreign students from Asia, Africa and Latin America. The first head of the department was Senior Lecturer Zamureyenko V.F. For some years Senior Lecturer Nikonova T.V., Associate Professor Susoreva M.M. and Associate Professor Lakhno S.M. were the heads of the department. Since 2008 Professor, Candidate of Philological Sciences Krasnikova Svitlana Oleksandrivna has been the head of the department. Since 2017 Senior Lecturer Al-Gazo Natalia Vitaliyivna has been the acting head of the department.

  1. The first head of the department – Zamureyenko Valentyna Fedorivna (1919– 2004).
  2. Methodological seminar of the department, 1976. Senior Lecturer Zamureyenko V.F. reports. Sitting in the photo: lecturer Renyova I.V. (Zaporozhets), head of the department T.V. Nikonova (1929–2018), laboratory assistant Nizhnik G.
  3. Deputy Dean for work with foreign students, head of the department Nikonova Tamara Vasylivna conducts a lesson in her office.
  4. Senior Lecturer Sazonova Margaryta Mytrofanivna (1930–2009) reports in an international hostel. Sazonova M.M. always found creative forms of extracurricular work.
  5. Executive Secretary of the City Council for Foreign Students, Skoryk Dina Sergiyivna (sitting in the photo).
  6. Lecturers of the department with the group of their students, 1982. Sitting: Voznenko O.P., Nikonova T. V., Zaporozhets I.V., Smulska V.M.(1938–1987), Susoreva M.M. Standing: on the left – Ovchynnikova O.S. (1946–2020), on the right – Dmytrienko N.F.
  7. A student from Nigeria, Henry Bassi (right), a repeated winner of the reading competition.
  8. Department staff, 1993. Sitting in the photo: Pomazun O.V., Ovchynnikova O.S., Zaporozhets I.V., Lakhno S.N., Lebedynska N.P., Minakova L.I., Pidchenko N.V. (Al-Gazo). Standing: Sitkovska M.I., Rul O.V., Stepanova L., Zudyna L.Yu., Makarenko T.M., Gulak E.A., Zakharevich V.M., Dmytrienko N.F., Redka I.A.
  9. Krasnikova Svitlana Oleksandrivna, head of the department since 2008, Candidate of Philological Sciences, Professor.
  10. Al-Gazo Natalia Vitaliyivna, acting head of the department since 2017.