The Museum of History of University

The Museum of Kharkiv National Medical University was opened in November 1968 as the first one among all the medical schools of Ukraine. The museum space consists of an exposition room of 120 sq. m. and a working room. At the moment the total number of museum exhibits is 5549 and 1026 of them are on display. It reflects all the historical periods of development of Kharkiv National Medical University from the medical faculty of the Imperial Kharkiv University to the present day.

Museum opening hours for excursions: Mon-Thu: 9:30-16:00.

Excursions must be arranged in advance.

Nauky Ave, 4, 2nd floor, Kharkiv, 61022
Zhanneta Pertseva
Fund Keepers
Olena Semenenko
Olga Vynogradova

The expositions of the museum tell about the history of one of the first medical schools in Ukraine, the development of medical science and continuity of traditions of Kharkiv higher medical school.

Photos, documents, medical equipment and personal belongings of prominent figures of science, represented in the museum, allow you to touch the past. Every visitor can feel the connection between generations, imagine how people who made amazing scientific discoveries and created domestic medicine lived, studied, worked and what they dreamt about.

An important part of the museum’s activities is research work aimed at building up the collections and collecting and preserving historical materials. The new acquisitions take their place in the exposition of the museum, become a subject of research study and serve as a base for scientific work of employees and students not only of the Medical University but also other institutions of higher education.

The results of the museum research work are reflected in books and publications by the employees of the museum in various mass media. The researched material is used in the creation of TV programs, speeches at conferences and introductory lectures for first-year students.

Equally important is the educational work. It includes exhibitions and excursions on different topics, classes for students held in the museum. It has become a visiting card of the university, which is visited by all the delegations and groups that come to Kharkiv for congresses, conferences and symposiums related to medicine.

The active educational activity of the museum was highly appreciated in May, 1971, when the board of the RSFSR Ministry of Culture awarded the museum with the name “People’s museum” upon presentation by Kharkiv Regional Department of Culture. In 2011, “The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine awarded the museum of KhNMU the title “Exemplary Museum” for its weighty contribution to the education of students and pupils, augmentation of the assets of national culture, preservation of the historical heritage of the Ukrainian people and the Museum Fund of Ukraine, promotion of historical, cultural and natural monuments.