KhNMU receives thanks for the organization of the educational process

During these difficult times of war, Kharkiv National Medical University fulfills all its obligations to domestic and foreign students. This primarily applies to the certification of graduates, which takes place on a scheduled schedule remotely. Evidence of this is the success of our students and the deep gratitude of their parents. For example, the dean’s office of the VI Faculty of Foreign Citizenship Training received a letter from the father of 6-year-old Ettech student Marie Enobong from Nigeria, who had just passed her final exams.

“My family and I are so grateful to God and to all of you. My daughter has just completed her final State Medical Exam from National Medical University, Kharkiv, Ukraine.
What is even more exciting about it is that she was scheduled to take this final exam in May and the University kept to it despite the ravaging war and the rampaging onslaught of the Russian Army. Her seven year sojourn in Ukraine has ended in praise as we all prayed for.

I salute the Nation, President Zelensky and peoples of Ukraine for showing such an uncommon resilient national spirit, an extraordinary commitment to a cause, and an exemplary determination to overcome all odds to remain as a nation. The State of Ukraine is a case study in nationhood. We can learn a few things from them.
She is currently on internship with, arguably, the best private hospital in Lagos, Evercare. Abundant thanksgiving abound unto God and the Godhead from all of us. I deeply appreciate you all.”

Hello I’m fattah from Nigeria, a 5th medical year student in Kharkiv national medical university, I’ll be graduating next year.

KNMU is one of the best medical institutions in Ukraine, with fully equipped facilities, a big educational management experience and huge developmental base that makes them fully operate always in any given condition be it covid or like the war for instance.

The ability for them to function between online and offline mode is really interesting especially for the clinical year students because it allows us to simultaneously attend clinical posting and attend our classes online. There are a lot of fun activities in Kharkiv national medical university a lot of good student to student interaction and good teacher to student interaction and a lovely administration that’s always ready to help students in whatever case they need.

My name is Soha Raad, from Lebanon and I’ve recently finished medical school from Kharkiv National Medical University. These past 6 years have definitely not been easy and faced with many challenges and difficult circumstances, from a pandemic to a full on war, KNMU’s staff and management were able to pull through and provide it’s students with top tier online medical education that’s nothing short of excellent to all levels , either basic sciences to clinical knowledge, the university was always equipped.

Additionally, during these challenging couple of years , KNMU has never once failed to involve students in extracurricular activities, from giving them the chance to participate in conferences and competitions and acquiring certificates to help them build their resumes.

I, myself, had the opportunity to win a competition organized by KNMU this year for a surgical training in Frankfurt, Germany which was an amazing experience.

The educational program of KNMU gives you the chance to reach your full abilities and become the kind of doctor you want to become , and I’ve been privileged to have been a student of this ancient medical university during these past 6 years.

Hello, I am Daniel, from Lagos, Nigeria and currently a fifth year medical student of Kharkiv National Medical University.

KNMU is a leading Medical University in Ukraine, with a curriculum that is pristine and unique, a wide educational management expertise, cutting edge simulation laboratories, multiple hospital affiliation programs, a large, diverse and inclusive scientific exposé yearly, while providing a conducive and comprehensive system of learning.

To put this mildly, KNMU ranks highly in Europe.

With the effective methods of learning already in place, this makes the school’s operations functional and readily available, be it during the global lockdown of the SARS COV2 pandemic, or presently during the war, switching between online modes of learning while providing myself with the much needed clinical experience.

This university boasts of an esteemed teacher-student relationship, not to mention the administration is always ready to render assistance whenever needed. Thank you.

Hi! This is Mosanna Ashraf. I graduated this year from Kharkiv National Medical University. I am immensely grateful to our university for making my dream come true and it’s faculties who gave their all each and everyday,laboring,provide us with tremendous education and pushing us to do our best even on the days when we don’t want to learn all the while taking extra time to build relationship with us that for some will last for a lifetime. We went through a lot of hardship COVID, war but there was not a single day when we were deprived of acquiring knowledge be it face to face or through distance learning. I would like to salute all the faculties,staffs for never giving up even in the hardest of situations and being so dedicated and honest to their profession.

I will be writing my Indian license exam this year and I am confident that i will be able to qualify it with the amount of knowledge i have acquired from the University and moreover the confidence and never giving up attitude will always help me to overcome any hurdle of life. Thankyou!!

Slava Ukraini

Hello everyone
I am Dr Saray
I recently graduated from kharkiv national medical university

With all due love and respect to my beloved university,and my 2nd home kharkiv in which i lived for 6 years,they were the best 6 years of my life , in which i shaped my personality and gained experiences in life.

Formed lots of relationships and lifetime friendships.
From which many of them helped me through my journey outside and inside our university especially our Deans ,who always supported and encouraged me with every step i took.

The university was equipped with state of the art equipment starting from the
Student scientific library to the phantom rooms hosting tens of phantoms and other equipment required to provide us with the highest level of practical training.

Khnmu has always managed to keep us involved in extra curricular activities ranging from conferences to student exchange programs,workshops, and even the oppurtunity of internships abroad.

Our university is a melting pot for people from all nationalities,races and cultures
This has led to students learning about different cultures and hence respecting them and living in harmony with them.

Despite the pandemic which lasted 2 years ,forcing our university to switch to online education system, which was done on the highest level possible ,with very little time taken to prepare such an online platform for classes to be conducted .
Right after the pandemic has started to ease off,our uni has persisted to educate its students even through a full scale russian invasion of the land of Ukraine.

Our proffessors managed to get our education system back up and running within days of the start of the invasion. The professors held online lectures from underground bomb shelters, so you could imagine how stowic the ukrainian people are.

I hope and pray that in the near future i can hopefully go back to ukraine and complete my internship in my second home which is Kharkiv,the city where i left my heart.

This is an article by Dr. Sarah’s mom

Greetings to all members of the faculty at Kharkiv National Medical University and all members of the administrative body. All students and alumni.
In fact, I write and I have two very different feelings

First, a feeling of pride and gratitude ❤️ I would like to thank every individual, big or small in the university, who had a favor over my daughter or helped her with any need one day, no matter how small it was. And, I thank God that my daughter ended up studying in this university and that she has lived in this beautiful country and with its most beautiful people for 6 years.

And secondly, a feeling of sadness and regret for the destruction and killing of innocents that happened during the war. But the truth is that the Ukrainian people have shown great love for their country and unprecedented courage. I am full of hope and optimism. Security and safety will return to your beautiful country again very soon, and we will come to visit, with all our passion and love so that we can enjoy its beautiful summer weather, gardens and great people. And hopefully my daughter to complete her higher education in this wonderful country that we love immensely.

My daughter spent 6 years studying at this university. The university had all the means to facilitate success, especially encouragement. Also, conferences, grants and scholarships.