Student life of the II medical faculty

Applicants for higher education study actual issues of disease prevention and development, master modern methods of diagnosis and treatment, including emergencies, the principles of resuscitation and intensive care. Great attention is paid to the study of modern problems of therapeutic, gynecological, surgical, pediatric and hygienic profiles.

Graduates of the faculty who have successfully studied special military disciplines are awarded officer ranks by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

Public organizations successfully work at the faculty:
– Student government;
– Union of Student Youth;
– Trade union organization of youth;
– Student council of the dormitory.

One of the most important aspects of the public life of the faculty is student self-government. A number of important issues of educational work are solved through public student subdivisions. Student self-government is built on the principle of collaborative work of the Youth Union of the faculty, trade union organization, students asset and dean’s office. The participation of applicants for higher education in the discussion of the organization of the educational process is provided by the heads of groups and courses.

The faculty has an active number of volunteers who provide patronage to the pupils of Kupyansk boarding school.

All conditions for leisure are created for students. The sports club of Kharkiv National Medical University has sections for classes in almost all sports. They are attended by more than 534 students. There is 1 master of sports of international class, 2 masters of sports, 12 candidates for masters of sports, more than 20 dischargers among them.

More than 200 students take an active part in amateur art. Two teams of the Cheerful and Clever Club, two amateur art groups have been created at the faculty.

Applicants for higher education from other cities are provided with a dormitory, where all the conditions for recreation and preparation for classes are made. There is a library, reading and sports halls, Internet clubs. Kitchens and personal hygiene rooms are equipped.

We pay special attention to the inclusive needs of higher education applicants, so we ensure maximum participation in the educational process of all its participants, including people with special needs.

The graduation of doctors takes place in solemn atmosphere with the invitation of representatives of the Ministry of Health, city and regional leaders.

The faculty has all the conditions for effective learning. Faculty members strive to ensure that each graduate fully acquires professional skills and masters the latest methods of disease diagnosis and treatment of patients.