Faculty of Dentistry today

Today the Faculty of Dentistry is one of the leading dental schools in Ukraine, with a rich tradition and numerous international connections. Powerful human resources, modern information and logistical support of the pedagogical process, scientific and clinical activities allow to achieve a high level of training of students, masters, graduate students, and doctoral students, as well to introduce innovative pedagogical and medical technologies.

The faculty offers high-quality education to 700 students, about 10 percent of them have reached excellent performance. One in five students does research as part of a student scientific society. The faculty conducts research on the study of dental morbidity of children and adolescents in the Kharkiv region. In particular, the influence of certain factors on the development of diseases of the hard tissues of teeth and periodontium is studied, active work is carried out to optimize methods of prevention and treatment of dental pathology. The results of scientific research in the field of prevention and treatment of major dental diseases allow compiling individual prevention programs for patients of therapeutic, surgical, and orthodontic profiles.

In recent years, the faculty has published 9 doctoral and 70 candidate dissertations,13 monographs, more than 853 articles and abstracts, as well as prepared 68 guidelines, including 7 in English, 12 methodical manuals, and received 184 patents for inventions and copyright certificates. We constantly train Masters of medicine are even after they receive a degree.

The work of the departments is carried out in conditions of creative cooperation with the staff of the clinical bases of the departments of the faculty, with leading Ukrainian and foreign specialists and institutions, as well as through participation in online conferences. Departments take part in scientific congresses, congresses, symposiums, conduct clinical trials of treatment methods, introduce remote forms of communication and teaching via the Internet. Student non-governmental organizations successfully operate at the faculty: student self-government (student dean’s office), student youth union, student trade union organization, student dormitory student council. Student education and treatment work is carried out in a modern University Dental Center, which is equipped with modern equipment and tools.