Students' visit to children in the Children's Clinical Hospital № 1

On April 25, 2024, the student team of the “Era Caritas” sector of the KNMU Student Self-Government visited the children who are in ODKL №1. The event was held as part of the “Medical Background” project.

Students conducted a class on the topic “Brain”, divided into four stages.

At the initial stage of the meeting, children and teenagers had the opportunity to meet students in a friendly and cozy atmosphere. Each of the participants introduced themselves, shared some information about themselves, their hobbies and future plans. This made it possible to successfully establish a connection with the audience and create a favorable environment for further cooperation and communication.

Next, the students began a story about the brain, pointing out its location, structure and functions. The trainers explained to the children in more detail about the different parts of the brain and their roles. This new information was very impressive to all the young participants, and each of them actively participated in repeating the material.

At the final stage, children were invited to paint a picture of the brain. Thanks to this, children and students had a rest.

All participants of the event were satisfied and expressed a desire to spend more time together.