KhNMU representatives were selected for the course

Representatives of the PO Student Government of KhNMU-instructors of the Educational and Training Center of Tactical Medicine of KhNMU passed the selection for a course on trauma, in particular anesthesiology for injury control (2.5-day HEST-A training), which will expand the opportunities to further disseminate this knowledge to the KhNMU community and wider!

The following were selected for the course:

  • Kateryna Topoliuk (I medical faculty);
  • Dmytro Cymbal (II medical faculty);
  • Onyshko Eduard (IV medical faculty).

The course is organized by the World Health Organization (WHO) in partnership with the David Knott Foundation (DNF) for frontline anesthetists.

The course is planned to be held in Poltava.

We wish success to our students of higher education and successful completion of the course in order to expand the opportunities of the ETCTM of KhNMU!