"Intellect-battle" is STEPping

On December 11, with the assistance of the teams of the First Medical Faculty, the sector of public education and volunteering, and the sector for evaluating the quality of education of the Student Government of KhNMU, the “Intellect-Battle” event was held, dedicated to preparing students for the STEP-1 and STEP-2 exams.

The purpose of the event was to enrich and improve knowledge of various disciplines included in the STEP-1 and STEP-2 test, studied within the walls of a higher educational institution, in the form of a competition.

More than 80 students of higher education were present at the event. On the Google-Meet platform, an invited number of students showed their acquired knowledge of subjects that are included in exams in general scientific disciplines in the form of a “blitz survey”. The registered participants were divided into teams, which further chose certain disciplines based on the course of the students in the team. The main condition is to give the correct answer to the question faster than the rival team.

Each section had 3 levels of questions: the first – 10 questions, the second – 5, the third – 3. Correct answers to each can bring the team 1, 2 and 3 points, respectively.
The questions had a variety of forms: from multiple-choice test tasks to coded, puzzle-like, imagined situations.

The results of the competition were determined by counting the points received during the competition. The winning teams will receive small gifts, and all participants will receive certificates for their participation.

The Student Government of KhNMU plans to continue this format on a regular basis, and more focused preparation of KhNMU students for the STEP-1 and STEP-2 exams is also planned.