About us

The aim of the Center is to improve the quality of palliative care for adults and children at the regional and national levels through the organization and conduct of educational activities; organization, coordination and conduct of research in palliative medicine, promotion of research results; development of draft regulations on palliative care; international cooperation in the field of palliative medicine.

Nauki Avenue, 4, Kharkiv
Marshala Rybalko Street, 9, Kharkiv, Regional Clinical Center for Medical Rehabilitation and Palliative Care for Children "Hippocrates"
Orlova Natalia
Scientific consultant
Riga Elena Alexandrovna
Doctor of medical sciences, Professor
Honorary consultants
Joan Marston
Global Ambassador International Palliative Care Network (ICPCN)
Satbir Singh Jassal
B. Med Sci, B.M. B.S., DRCOG, Dip Pall Med, DFSRH, MRCGP, FRCPCH (Hon), Medical Director of Hospice for Children and Youth Rainbow and General Practitioner
René Hubregtse
Director of the parent volunteer organization «Parents»
Olha Tkachenko
researcher on sleep disorders (postgraduate student PhD Pediatrics)
The main tasks

a) training of students, graduate students, doctors, nurses, social workers, volunteers and the population in the basic principles of palliative care;
b) introduction of the philosophy and principles of palliative care in the process of professional development of health professionals, acquisition of new competencies and practical skills in providing palliative care to adult and pediatric patients;
c) training of scientific and pedagogical workers of KhNMU in the basic principles of palliative care;
d) conducting research in the field of palliative medicine, including international;
e) promotion and dissemination of knowledge on palliative medicine, palliative care, palliative care;
f) cooperation with state and local self-government bodies, institutions and organizations of various spheres of activity, communal non-profit enterprises, volunteers, non-governmental public organizations, charitable foundations, domestic and international partners, church and religious organizations;
g) participation in the development of draft regulations on palliative care.

Areas of activity

Creation of online educational platforms on pediatric and adult palliative medicine for students, graduate students, nurses, doctors, social workers, volunteers, the population; cooperation with international experts in the field of palliative medicine; collection of materials for research on palliative care, their generalization, publication of results; creation of information resources on palliative care and dissemination of knowledge among the medical, academic community and the population; informing about the activities of the Center through the media; conducting information campaigns to advocate for the development of palliative care; participation in scientific conferences and other forums on palliative care; preparation and holding of the annual international day of palliative care, the event “Hat on the Ears”, leaflets and booklets.

Our main advantages
  • Significant experience in research and educational process.
  • Participation in the global development of palliative care services.
  • Increasing the international evidence base for palliative care.
  • Introduction of new approaches and new philosophy in the health care system, assistance to people with incurable diseases, assistance in health care reform.
  • Availability of highly professional staff who regularly participate in international and domestic certification trainings on palliative care.
  • Establishing partnerships with representatives of other centers in Ukraine and abroad.
  • Support for parent organizations.
  • Promoting the volunteer movement in palliative care.
  • Raising awareness of the public, health professionals and politicians about palliative care.